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Raleigh, North Carolina


About Xavier Pino

Xavier believes that food should be delicious, satisfying, and health supportive.

He specializes in plant-based cuisine that feeds the body and the spirit, and his passion is enabling his clients to cultivate a way of eating that respects the earth and all its inhabitants while satisfying their palates and their bellies.

Whenever possible, Xavier works with ingredients that are:
•    Organic
•    Local
•    Seasonal
•    Non-GMO
•    Fair trade
•    Flavorful
•    100 percent plant based

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Xavier trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and serves clients throughout the Triangle region of North Carolina. He is available for personal chef services, small dinner parties and buffets, menu consultation, and other plant-based chef services.

About plant-based cuisine: Why vegan?

What matters most to you when it comes to the food you eat? Whether it’s:
•    Healthful eating
•    Food quality
•    Food safety
•    Environmental stewardship
•    Welfare and rights of all animals (including human animals), or
•    Taste and satisfaction
A plant-based diet offers the most nutritious, compassionate, socially just, and environmentally mindful approach to eating. And it can be completely satisfying and delicious!

A well-balanced, completely vegetarian (vegan) diet provides all the nutrients necessary for a long and healthy life, while avoiding the many disease-promoting aspects of the western omnivore diet. It also allows people to eat in a way that reflects their values of compassion and responsible use of resources: Xavier believes that, as humans, it is our responsibility to care for the world we have inherited, and to treat all human and non-human animals with respect.

Empowered plant-based eating: How to eat vegan and love it

Very few of us grew up eating a plant-based diet, and Xavier knows how challenging it can be to figure out what a healthful and satisfying vegan diet looks and tastes like. Part of Xavier’s mission is to empower his clients to explore the wide variety of foods—from comforting and familiar textures and flavors to exciting new tastes—that a vegan diet can include. From everyday eating to special events to social and community gatherings, Xavier helps his clients enjoy a satisfying, compassionate way of eating that is healthful…and delicious. Definitely delicious.