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Cooking lessons

Local heirloom tomato galette is a perfect summertime treat--let me show you how easy and fun it can be to make!

Local heirloom tomato galette is a perfect summertime treat--let me show you how easy and fun it can be to make!

Want to improve your cooking skills, make the most of seasonal produce, or create and enjoy exciting and healthful plant-based meals? Let me show you how!

There are two ways to take cooking lessons with me:

1. Learn one-on-one or IN small groups (Up to Three PEOPLE)

I'll show you how to create beautiful meals from fresh ingredients; experiment with new foods and flavors; and hone your cooking techniques.

How it works

We can meet in my kitchen or yours. You'll have a free consultation with me beforehand, to identify your goals, preferences, and the plant-based cooking topics or genres that interest you the most.

What you get

I'll provide the recipes for all the dishes we make together, and you'll get to keep all the food we make. If we meet at your house, I'll clean up before I go.

What it costs

$35 per hour, plus the cost of ingredients. Most cooking lessons last two to three hours. For an additional hour charge, I'll do all the shopping for you!

Contact me to learn more about cooking lessons in your home or with a small group.

2. Host a Cooking Party

Gather your friends for an evening of learning, eating, and fun. Cooking parties are great for small groups who want to explore new techniques, cuisines, and how to use your seasonal veggies.

How it works

I will come to your kitchen and share cooking techniques and some of my favorite recipes!
You can choose from a range of topics and cuisines, including:

  • Mushroom Magic
  • Tasty tofu and other plant-based protein sources
  • Veggie Sushi
  • Pizza (need I say more?)
  • Produce Box: I show you what to do with those crazy CSA vegetables
  • Vegan Umami--how to satisfy any savor tooth
  • Spice Night: explore Latin American, Indian, African, and Asian delights
  • Galettes
  • A cooking class created just for you! Give me your ideas and interests, and I'll design the menu.

What you get

I provide all the ingredients, plus tasty sips and snacks for you and your guests. Every cooking party includes:

-Complimentary happy hour service (appetizers and wine) for your group.
-Recipes that you can re-create on your own.
-Three-hour cooking demonstration with partial participation for all guests. I'll show you essential cooking techniques and walk you through all the steps needed to prepare a flavorful meal for your family and friends.
-Best of all: you get to enjoy a full meal at the end of the demonstration. I'll be on hand to answer questions as you enjoy the dishes you helped me make.
-A sparkly clean kitchen when we leave–plus an edible present for the host.

What it costs

$75 per guest–the host participates for free! Seven guest maximum, please (including the host).

Contact me to learn more and set up your cooking party!