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Raleigh, North Carolina


Personal Chef Services

Your time is valuable!

Let me save you the time and the trouble of planning and preparing healthful, delicious meals.

Weekly meals, made just for you

Slicing fresh shiitake mushrooms for pickling

Slicing fresh shiitake mushrooms for pickling

I am available to cook weekly meals for convenience and enjoyment. I’ll cook in your home, leaving your kitchen clean and your house smelling entirely edible. My menus can range from the comfort food to the impress-a-guest fare, and they are always plant-based and health supportive.

What you get

When you hire me for weekly meals, you’ll get three full dinners (one entree and one side). The entrees are generously sized, which means there will often be plenty of leftovers for lunches (and for making everyone at work jealous).

How it works

Based on your dietary needs, likes and dislikes, and schedule, I will develop a new menu every week, do all the grocery shopping, and prepare your meals in your kitchen. You’ll have instructions for heating and for serving; all you need to do is sit back and be happy and full. 

North African-style tagine with a side of Israeli couscous

North African-style tagine with a side of Israeli couscous

What it costs

1-4 people: $285 per week*

5-6 people: $350 per week*

Each additional person $50 per week

Package sharing: team up with a friend or two and split the costs! I'll package the meals separately for you.

*Groceries not included (For a family of four, the grocery cost usually runs less than $85 per week.)

What’s the commitment?

You can hire me for one week at a time, or for multiple weeks. If you book four weeks at a time, you can take 10 percent off the weekly price.

Ready to get started?

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